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Alright, this is the sticky fic masterlist that I have!

Kingdom Hearts:

First things first. The stories are in no particular order other than the fact that ALL of the Zemyx fics are first. The other pairings' stories are at the bottom of the KH section.

Silence is Golden - (Now on LJ!) - (PG-13) [Zemyx, semi-mute!Zexion, multi-chapter, Nine chapters]
Summary: When Demyx goes to college, he wants to learn and get his degree. He doesn't want to have a roommate who refuses to speak, a drifter who decides to live in his room, or fall in love. Too bad what Demyx wants is not what Demyx gets.
Info Post, in case you had any questions for me.

Mnemonic - (PG-15) [Zemyx, journal-style fic, three-shot]
Summary: Zexion, analytical, proud, observant, decides to keep a journal, marking down his observations of the people he knows. But then one particular newcomer catches his eye...
Info Post, in case you had any questions for me.

Stairs - (PG-15) [Zemyx, oneshot]
Summary: Zexion was enjoying a perfectly good breakfast. Which is when, of course, Number Nine just had to barge in with his irrelevent discussion of exactly WHAT he dreamt of last night.

Pants 'R' Us - (PG-15) [Zemyx, oneshot, Rockstar!Demyx and Stalker-for-Hire!Zexion]
Summary: Demyx, an up-and-coming rock star, has tons of adoring fans. But he doesn’t seem to care about his personal safety, so his best friends Axel and Roxas decide to put a stop to Demyx’s carefree attitude towards his fans. By hiring a…stalker?

Side-Line Symphony - (PG-13) [Zemyx, oneshot, Rockstar!Demyx and Stalker-for-Hire!Zexion]
Summary: “Told you I could teach you how to dance, Zexy!” Demyx shouted over the music, his voice a low buzz next to Zexion’s ear. Small sidestory to Pants 'R' Us

Feel the Warmth You Cannot Miss - (PG-13) [Zemyx, oneshot, for [livejournal.com profile] onemoreparadise's prompt "Unrequited Love"]
Summary: He is entirely unprepared for the sudden rush of feeling he experiences when he sees Demyx for the first time, sea-foam eyes glassy and stark in the paleness of his skin.

It's All in How You Mix the Two - (PG-13) [Zemyx, oneshot, for [livejournal.com profile] onemoreparadise's prompt "What If by Safety Suit"]
Summary: Zexion wanted Demyx once. Once, when the blond sitarist finally woke up and smiled at their white world for the first time, when he laughed and played music and sang and was like a bird in a cage, trilling and unaware of the dangers and wonders beyond the silver bars. Companion fic to Feel the Warmth YOu Cannot Miss

you are the one, the one that lies close to me - (NC-17) [Zemyx, oneshot, for KH Kink Meme prompt "Consensual Master/Slave with King!Zexion and Concubine!Demyx]
Summary: With a pleased smile, Zexion settles into one of the chairs, props his chin in one hand. "Strip, pet."

Barefoot Nation - (PG) [Zemyx, oneshot, kid!fic]
Summary: There's something almost obscene about the way he's lounging on the grass, fingers digging into the grass to find the dirt beneath. If Zexion mentally took a step back, it wouldn't seem so shocking, seeing a Gypsy boy lying on the ground, but it is, for some reason.

Crazy in Love - (PG) [Zemyx, oneshot, for Zemyx day]
Summary: Five ways Demyx tried to get Zexion to sleep with him (emphasis on tried) and the one time Zexion finally had pity on the poor boy.

Time is Stop-Motion Now - (PG-15) [SoRiku, oneshot, TimeTraveler!Sora]
Summary: Time has never been exactly linear for Sora. It never bothered him before. But the question is quickly becoming: how does he make it stop?

And I Think To Myself - (PG-13) [Axel/Saix, 100 word drabble series.]
Summary: This was their last hurrah, a last comfort.

Do You Know What This Means? - (NC-17) [Seifer/Hayner, oneshot, for KH Kink Meme prompt "Hanky Code"]
Summary: "I don’t do something if I don’t mean it!" "Good,” Seifer said, then grabbed him by the wrist again, pulling him along.

Endlessly Caving In - (NC-17) [AkuRoku, oneshot, for KH Kink Meme prompt found here]
Summary: A pair of eyes meeting across the floor of a club, green against blue, and a silent agreement made while dancing to get closer, the niggling of a half-forgotten memory a distant thing in face of the grind and twist of their bodies.

Silly Little Things Like These - (PG-15) [AkuRoku, Oneshot, small sequel to Mnemonic]
Summary: On the other side, Roxas traced Axel’s mouth with tender fingers as he murmured in answer, “We are.” Or, little moments that add up to them being together in the end.

Just Conflict Me - (NC-17) [Seifer/Hayner, WIP, aka The masochism fic]
Summary: Sometimes, Hayner presses into his own bruises just to feel the little sweet burst it gives him. Sometimes, Seifer does it for him. Most of the time, Seifer just gives him the bruises to begin with.

Sand Castles, Sand Dragons, Sand in Your Eyes (PG) [Seifer/Hayner kidfic, one shot]
Summary: There was a boy in his sandbox.

Please Turn Me On - (NC-17) [Riku/Sora, oneshot, for the prompt "living together, surprise sex"]
Summary: Sora blinks awake in a hazy sort of way, the sensory detail of the warmth of the bed and the scent of the body beside his more important than truly waking up.

Lotus Verse

The Twilight Between - (NC-17) [Zemyx, angst, dark!fic, multichapter, Empathic!TouchTelepathic!PediactricNurse!Demyx and JustANormalGuy!Zexion, Demyx!POV]
Summary: The thing that Demyx wants most in the world is a break from feeling the emotions of other people. He doesn't get that (in fact, it might be the opposite), but what he does get might actually be better. But either Zexion can save his sanity, or be the one thing to push him over the edge.
Companion Piece to Devil in Your Hands

Only Light You See - (PG-15) [Zemyx, oneshot, Empathic!TouchTelepathic!PediactricNurse!Demyx and JustANormalGuy!Zexion, Zexion!POV, for Schmoop Bingo]
Summary: Demyx has odd sleeping habits that Zexion has to get used to….

Harry Potter:

Comfort Zone - (PG-13) [HPDM, oneshot, for Schmoop Bingo]
Summary: Potter, stop it with your bedamned internal moral struggle and just get over here and cuddle me, damn it (for Schmoop Bingo fill - Cuddling)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

And He Never Really Knew - (PG) [GokuTsuna (5927), second person, oneshot]
Summary: He is your world, your life, your everything, and he knows this. But you still think that he doesn't know it all.


Dancing - (PG) [Jyoushiro, oneshot, for Schmoop Bingo]
Summary: "You've been staring at me for the last thirty minutes now." (for Schmoop Bingo fill - Dancing)

Lightning, Out of Thunder - (PG) [DaiKen, oneshot]
Summary: His chest heaves with the deep breaths of sleep. Regularly spaced, the soft exhalations are soothing to listen to, rhythmic and drugging. His fingers twitch occasionally across the bed sheets, grasping after something unknown, unattainable, something ephemeral and elusive. (also known as "Zene wanted to write sleepy cuddling again")

Death Note:

(If You Could) Look at Me Once More - (PG-15) [One-sided Matt/Mello, Mello/Near, oneshot, for Valentine's Day]
Summary: College AU. Matt really just wants Mello to see him for once. But he knows, oh does he know, that the chances of that happening are non-existent...

Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Becoming Silhouettes - (PG-13) [Double D/Eddy, preslash, oneshot, March oneshot!]
Summary: "Surely you can't be planning to miss such a momentous occasion such as this?" Eddy shrugged absently, picking at his ear with one fingernail. "It's not really all that important, is it? I mean, it's just a lunar eclipse."

Let Me Wake You Up - (NC-17) [Eddy/Double D, oneshot, PWP]
Summary: Eddy smiled against the sleeping blond's skin, kissing the sleep-loose tendons of his neck softly as his hand circled and caressed Double D's stomach.

The World Ends With You

Reversal (of Sorts) - (PG-13) [Joshua/Neku, oneshot, based on a comment (explained in Author's Notes)]
Summary: It isn’t that they don’t fight a lot, because they do. They argue, they annoy each other, they pick on each other, but…. But it is all worth it, because it is Joshua.

Spin Around Again - (PG-13) [implied Joshua/Neku, oneshot, for the [livejournal.com profile] subarashiki_ds Summer Revival]
Summary: Still he was the only one, shining alone into the dark. Joshua sang, but no voice rose to join his.

A Little Lesson in Dvorak - (PG-13) [heavily implied Joshua/Neku, oneshot, for the [livejournal.com profile] subarashiki_ds Summer Revival]
Summary: Opposition is something completely different than what just happened, Neku. We have to be in complete harmony in order for Shibuya to prosper.

Breathe In, Breathe In - (PG-13) [heavily implied Joshua/Neku, oneshot, for the [livejournal.com profile] subarashiki_ds Summer Revival]
Summary: Once more, Neku watches the empty air where Joshua had been. Once more, he puts his head down and keeps working, passing days until Joshua shows up again. And Joshua will show up. He always does.

This list will be updated as I finish and post more fics!

Fics in Progress:

Devil in Your Hands - (NC-17) [Zemyx, angst, Dark!fic, Multichapter, Empathic!TouchTelepathic!PediactricNurse!Demyx and JustANormalGuy!Zexion, Zexion!POV]
Summary: Nothing in Zexion's life has ever prepared him for such a thing as this. How, exactly, is one supposed to handle finding out that this guy you just met is empathic, and may or may not be self-destructing right before your eyes?
Companion Piece to The Twilight Between.

Various Schmoop Bingo Fills

Sequel to Pants 'R' Us

Monthly One-Shots!

August: Sixty-Nine Things that Turn You On - Zexion and Demyx set-up fic
September: No Title - SideStory to Silence is Golden
October: I'm a Little Lost - Drunk!Inception fic
November: 5+1 - Everyone wants in Zexion's pants, but...
December: Sky Torn in Two - Hamlet Reincarnation Fic
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