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 Ahh, the Guster concert was amazing! I'm a little sad they didn't play some of my favorite songs, but that just means I have to find out when they're coming to play again ^^

ANYWAY. Time for me to talk about what I like to talk about best:

Hunter x Hunter Big Bang: I'm definitely glad I joined this because, well, it's actually the first time I've really finished a big challenge like this, and it's already taught me a lot about my weaknesses as a writer (*cough* writing plot that isn't romantic-interpersonal conflict based *cough*). It's not as good as I'd like it to be, but it's done, and I don't hate it, and really that's all I can ask for. It's topping out at about 25k currently.

Roadtrip Fic: Chapter 9 is about three scenes from being finished. The gang just has to hang out for a bit, I have to figure out a poem, and cuddling has to happen. Not even a lot of detail is needed for these, it's just some connective tissue to string everything together. Unfortunately, then I have to plan for Chapter 10 and.... Yeah, that's fun. Word count: 4.8k

Tim's Jailbreak Adventure: If DC isn't going to do my baby boy right, then by god, i'm going to. I'm going to break him out of weird space-prison and get him back home where he belongs, and if he just so happens to collect his boyfriend on the way, that's no problem of mine lmao. This is where I'm gonna flex my plot writing muscles a bit more and try and actually ... plot something out and follow that plan.
I'm excited to work on all of it, honestly, so we'll see how much attention I can manage to put into it daily.
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