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 First off, how is it already June??

That means I've been unemployed for almost a year, which is frustrating beyond all measure, because it's not like I haven't been trying! But hey, good things come in time, and we've managed to make ends meet so far, so let's just. Keep hoping I guess. Fingers crossed that the job I'm currently interviewing for really wants me bad, because man oh man, will I hop on that like none other.

Anyway, onto more important stuff. Or maybe not more important, but rather the things I actually want to talk about. Fics!

So, as I mentioned, I did finish and post my Hunter x Hunter Big Bang fic! What a great thing. It's all done, finally. I can move on and reread it without hating it in like, six months, maybe. It's still a bit rough in places, and I feel like there's not actually as much plot in it as I wanted there to be, but it's being well-received so far and I can't complain too much. It's done! That's the important part.

shimmer in your shine - I'm actually surprisingly far along in Chapter 10 for this! I really, really need to plot some stuff out, though. I started and tried to get a little soething here and there for each chapter, but I'll need to go back over it again now that I've thought of something different to do. I'm having a lot of fun with this story, but it's taken a hitch onto the slow-burn train that I'm trying to figure out how to manage. How do you move characters out of slow-burn territory and into "OH SHIT" actual realization territory?? we just don't know

Tim's Jailbreak Adventure - I really need to get this fic off the ground. I want it. I want to write it. I have like 3k written already, but I need more, which means I need to get on my main computer and not play stardew valley, so I can copy it onto gdocs and see it on my little netbook. I have a problem, okay, and that problem is that farming simulators are so appealing when everything is terrible and stressful. But Tim needs to get out of extra-dimensional prison.

Gaslight fic - I keep revisiting the idea of this fic for The World Ends With You, and I'm picking away at it bit by bit. It just takes some time. This is another one that I need some actual plot for the latter half of the story, once Joshua shows his ugly mug again. I'd just really like to finish this up, even if no one but me likes it. TWEWY is such a good game. I want to write something nice and long(ish) and just the right side of cool for it to be a nice followup to such a great game. Also Joshua is my trashbaby and I love him.

UH OKAY so I think that's all for the monthly state of the union. Good thoughts and vibes RE: that whole job situation would be appreciated, and I hope everyone's doing well! ♥ ♥
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