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Alright, so I currently have request slots open at [livejournal.com profile] kh_request!! Ten of them this time, and, as always, it's first come first serve.

I'm serious, you guys, request stuff. I like the challenge, and I like writing for you people.

Thread is here:
KH Request Post!!
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(Haah, I say excerpt and what I really mean is EVERYTHING I WROTE TODAY)

Today's Word Count: 1819

Total Word Count: ...1819, nurr, first day o' NaNo!

Title: Symphony of Metal and Trees
Summary: Don't have one yet, oh my god, I'm so bad at this

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He's a boy, barely has any muscle to 'im, yet he can fight and hold his own with the best of 'em when he doesn't eat and sleep? Smells like magic to me )

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Um. Yeah.

So. Prologue.


I think it'll get more interesting from here on out?
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Title: The Days are Long
Pairing: Zemyx
Disclaimer: KH isn't mine, isn't mine.
Rating: PG (Demyx swears once, because he, like I, is classy as fuck)
Summary: The day’s lazy haze of heat was being dispelled by the stiff breeze, and Demyx leaned comfortably back into his boyfriend’s arms.
Author's Notes: This is for [livejournal.com profile] theplumtomato's prompt of " I request a fic of either Seiner or Zemyx, on their fourth anniversary. All cuddles and lovings and happy happy times (or in the case of Seiner, badly disguised sap XD)" I picked Zemyx, because my OTP needs its lovin'. And somehow, this morphed into a sequel-thing to Silence is Golden. I'm just not going to question my brain anymore.

Title is from the translation of Flugufrelsarinn by Sigur Ros.

* * * * * *

Not much has changed in four years, has it, Zexion? )

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Now, since NaNo is coming up (and jeez, again, I am super nervous), I will probably not get much fic writing done for the next month. HOWEVER. Since I like posting shit on here, you guys get to deal with me archiving all of the request fics that I've written that are over on [livejournal.com profile] kh_request and bringing them over here for everyone to find all at once.

So that's going to be happening in the next month.

(And again, guys, I got a formspring. You should all have realized by now that I like talking a lot, so you can bother me over there if you have questions and I haven't answered them? Plus, it can be anonymous, and I'm very bad about being on my Tumblr.)
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Not dead, just busy, I swear.

ONE MORE WEEK OF WORK. It turns out that I miscalculated last week. I leave work next Thursday. (Hopefully, I won't have another fiasco with that whole "accidentally leaving the porn flash drive at work" thing like I did last year.) SAN JAPAN THIS WEEKEND, SUPER EXCITE!! I might get to see [livejournal.com profile] pandapplesaurus there, too! *waves* I'll be the person dressed normally with a Red Scout and N Harmonia on Friday and with Dib and Zim on Saturday. (N will be back on Sunday, but I'm not cosplaying this con. Too little time, too much to do)

Um. I'd love to say that I've been writing, but that would be a bare-faced lie. I haven't written a word of anything outside of fleshing out some ideas since last ... Thursday. What in the world have I been doing in the meantime (as I *cough*erroneously*cough* assume you're wondering)?


Like, reading a lot of fic for fandoms that I've just let stew for a while. Especially you, Inception fandom, hello there THard and JGL and all of the sexy that comes along with you. *cough* That aside... There's one thing that I've been noticing a lot of. In fics, in general, not just Inception fics, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about talking about it.




As in, getting off on recieving pain, etc etc, you all read fics, you know what I'm talking about.

I don't... I don't like how it's portrayed in fics, because for me it's not an accurate description. (It's like reading the parts in blowjob fics where the author mentions teeth-on-cock during the blowjob, and I have heard from multiple guys, straight, gay, bi, that that does not, in any way, feel good.) Because I am a masochist. Things that should register as pain for other people turn me on. Whipping and what-have-you. *handwaves*

That's not the important part.

The important part is the fact that in all these fics, I keep hearing about the pain aspect of it, or the fic is told from the pain-giver's PoV. (and I can bet that anyone reading this is going to be like "...but Zene, it's MASOCHISM, hello PAIN" but see, that's where you're wrong.)

For me, I don't feel pain. Like, I CAN feel it. Certain things, like hot glue or cuts, do register as pain normally. I stub my toe and that shit is PAINFUL. But on the flip side, I can also (this is a true story) get my lanyard caught on my desk and it will drag across the back of my neck, giving me a small case of ropeburn on my neck and causing me to have to sit at my desk for a few minutes while I try to get my breathing back under control and my eyes are having trouble focusing because that felt so good.

But the point is that, while getting the ropeburn was a painful thing, I never actually FELT any of it. I didn't actively feel pain, I just registered it as "rough texture, feels good" and it was hard enough that it felt REALLY good.

So really, my point is that I don't know if any of the people writing the fics are actually masochists, because I'm not always sure that they know how it really feels. Because, let me tell you, pain does NOT come into it. IF there's a bit of a bite to it, it doesn't feel any different than someone dragging their nails across your skin. A tiny little counterpoint that really just gives a more definite LOCATION for where the pleasure is.


I am totally writing a Seifer/Hayner fic where Hayner's a masochist. It's mostly going to be me exploring how best to explain my own masochism (because, hey, everyone's different, maybe other people DO feel pain? Maybe I just have a really high threshold? I don't know) in terms of fic. Also because Seifer/Hayner is my go-to pairing when kinky shit is about to go down, because I can't get a plotbunny for them to save my life, but DAMN do those boys want to get into bed with each other.


TL;DR, I'm writing a porny fic with Seifer/Hayner because I am dissatified with general fandom portrayal of masochism.
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Okay, so you know how I had a schedule for Monthly One-shots and it was going well until April when I got behind and then now, where I still haven't written MAY'S oneshot and it's July?

Yeah, I'm going to revamp the schedule so I can (hopefully) get back on task. To be fair, I have written at least a fic per month, if not more than that, so hey! Goal kept.

Point being, now that TTB4 is done, I can pound out a few shorter things, like this one.

Title: Lightning, Out of Thunder
Pairing: DaiKen, if you tilt your head a little
Disclaimer: Nope. This one’s not mine either, no infringement intended, blah blah blah.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: His chest heaves with the deep breaths of sleep. Regularly spaced, the soft exhalations are soothing to listen to, rhythmic and drugging. His fingers twitch occasionally across the bed sheets, grasping after something unknown, unattainable, something ephemeral and elusive. (also known as "Zene wanted to write sleepy cuddling again")
Author's Notes: God, I don’t even care if you guys haven’t seen this series, because I will tell you right now: Daisuke and Ken are so fucking married. Jesus Christ, it’s just too easy with them! I don’t even have to try. They just sorta do this on their own. It’s like “Hey, you two, don’t be gay for each other, have some women,” and they’re all like “Wut? Oh hey there, Daisuke, how are you, let me open my heart up only to you,” and “Wut? Oh hey Ken, I don’t really care that an episode ago you were a bad guy, we can totally trust you right now, right? Right, I’m so right, god you’re hot.”

* * * * * *

Rain spatters down from the sky, drumming along rooftops and windowsills with a dancer’s careless grace. )

* * * * * *

Seriously, guys. Married, I tell you. SO MARRIED.


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