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Okay, so I'm home in Texas finally which is nice, because this semester has lasted a FUCKING YEAR! I'm glad that I have less responsibility here, but I miss my girlfriend. She stayed up in South Dakota for the time being.



I can tell you this much about what I've been writing: Seiner is coming first up, and you guys are going to HATE ME for this. Hopefully, TTB will be after that, and then I get to start working on all the various one shots AND REQUEST FICS and other stuff that I've been compiling ideas for, such as LAPDANCING ZEMYX FIC.

(By the way, if I've promised anyone fic that ISN'T a request on kh_request, because I have notifications for those sitting there glaring at me, LET ME KNOW.)

(also, jsadlfasdf new KH:DDD trailer holy shit skaflsdaf)
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There are some no bueno things going on right now.

like, seriously not good things.

I'll get back to you guys when everything straightens out a bit more, okay?


Love you all.
Hey everyone! Back from San Japan. Super tired. At work. God, I just want to be back in bed. \


San Japan broke down like this:

Friday - Woke up (AGAIN AT 4:30, UGH), picked up stuff, drove up to Katy to pick up Pixie's and my friend, Jessica. Drove to San Antonio. That took us until 10, and we checked in/unpacked/got ready by 11 in time for lunch. Pixie spent that day as N Harmonia from Pokemon, got a ton of pictures taken of her, and Jessica was a Red Fem!Scout from Team Fortress 2. Around 2, Pixie went and changed into Organization Roxas for a few hours, but that coat is hot as hell, even in the air conditioning, so she was only Roxas for a couple of hours before switching back into N. We met up with a couple of friends and hung out before heading back up to the room for the rave.

Where I fell asleep. So I couldn't go to the rave. *sadfaces* Jessica and Pixie were pulled onto the stage apparently.

SATURDAY - Since Pixie and Jessica didn't get back into the rooms until 3 in the morning, it took us until 11 to even get started. We got lunch out of cosplay, and immediately went to put Jessica and Pixie into Zim and Dib cosplay from Invader Zim. Oh man. This one was popular. We were maybe out in it for four hours, and everyone was stopping them for pictures. And Jessica as Zim is hilarious.


One person asked them if Pixie and Jessica could hug for her picture. They did and almost immediately another girl was like "NOW KISS". Since Pixie and Jessica are ZADR shippers, they kissed and there was this HUGE squeal around us. They got practically tackled by one girl who was just walking by when they did this. It was ... actually pretty awesome.

But Zim's makeup is really uncomfortable, so we went back up to the room so Pixie and Jessica could change BACK into N and Fem!Scout. Spent the rest of the day in that. GOT TO SEE EGORAPTOR'S PANEL!!

Tried to rave that night, but Pixie had pulled something in her leg, and the DJ wasn't good enough for me to stick around, so I went back up to the room with Pixie and we just hung out until we fell asleep.

SUNDAY - Woke up at 9:30, decided almost immediately that there was going to be NO cosplaying that day, because everything hurt. Seriously, all three of us were sore. No more raving in heels. Bad, bad idea. Walked the floor and bought some gifts for friends before we headed home.

Alright, second story time.

I have this... thing. Any roadtrip I drive on where I'm not following someone else who knows where they're going, I end up taking at least one wrong exit. Normally, I notice before I get too far. BUT APPARENTLY on Sunday, I decided that WEST was the way to go, not EAST. So I exited on 410-WEST. That was the right way, right?


So I uh, basically circled San Antonio for forty minutes before hitting I-10 and going "... EL PASO IS THE WRONG DIRECTION, GET ON EAST, SHIT, I AM AN IDIOT".

That is the "How Zene picked the wrong exit to take this roadtrip" story for this convention.

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And so, under a Cheshire Moon, we arrived back in Texas.

Or, for those of you who don't care for my fail!poetic-ness (Read: most of you), I'm back home in Texas after a two-day car ride! Woo! Fun times, yes?


First day: We leave South Dakota at 6 in the morning. This is not a problem. Pixie and I are going to be sleeping on the car ride home at first anyway. What is a problem: My sister's cat. See, my sister is a grad student at the same college I go to, and she's finishing up her Master's thesis this summer and defending and all of that fun stuff, and then she's moving out! So we decided to start moving her stuff now, so there's less to move later.

This means moving her cat as well.

Her baby boy.

Her European super-model cat.

His name is Liam. He's a little bit feisty. And he doesn't like cars at all.

But he settled down surprisingly fast, all in all (after leaving what seemed like half of his fur on my jacket), started going back and forth between the middle back-seat and the back-back seat, stepping on everyone in the process. This stopped me from getting any sleep, because I was holding his leash to make sure he didn't get into the front seat where my dad was driving. He barely ate, slept, or drank all day, and by the time we hit lunch, I was bored, all of my electronics were dead, and I still hadn't slept much.

Mom and Pixie and I passed time by watching "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (one of my favorite musicals, even if watching it only reminds me that I'm agnostic), and eventually we stopped for the night in Salina, Kansas. Tada! Sleep happens

Day two: I slept. A surprising amount. We left at 7 this time, and I slept practically until lunch at 11. Liam also slept most of the day, picking one of the three of the available laps to nap on. I woke up after lunch (round noon) and played Pokemon White, KH 358/2, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for around seven hours (while watching To Kill a Mockingbird) before I passed back out again for another hour. Then we were on the drive home from Houston, Texas, and I stayed awake (and hungry) for that. Because this was around nine at night, when we finally got home.

So, now I'm home. In Texas. And a little lonely, because Pixie isn't here, and I got used to sleeping with her in my bed, even if we're not dating anymore.

I'm working on a few request fics from [livejournal.com profile] kh_request, and I'm definitely going to get started on the next things I have lined up (Gypsy!Demyx, I am looking at you!), so look forward to those in the next few days, I guess?
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Okay, right now I'm avoiding writing a report for my class. So instead, I'm going to talk about sexuality. Namely, my own.

For my f-list, which may not want to hear me talk about sex. (Too Bad!!) )

Alright, I think I've talked enough. Sorry about this, I sorta just wanted to say it. But to bring the mood back up, here's a little snippet of something that Pixie and I are working on:

Axel leaned in to kiss Roxas, humming contentedly against the blonde’s mouth. The humming turned interested a second later and Axel grabbed Roxas’s face in his hands, plundering his mouth with his tongue, Roxas squirming beneath him.

“Axel, what was
that for?” Demyx scolded once Axel pulled off. The redhead smacked his lips, running his tongue over them curiously.

“Dude, you taste like Sonic,” he said to Roxas, who was coughing on the floor next to him. “That’s pretty damn ama….” He trailed off, staring at Demyx. “What do you taste like?”

Demyx flailed backwards, trying to get away from Axel’s grasping hands. “No no nonononono, Axel, doooon’t!!”

The world spun slightly as Demyx stood to run, and Axel just pressed warm and lean against his back, turning his head to kiss him thoroughly.

“Milkshakes. You take like milkshakes.” Axel laughed, shaking his head as he leaned back. Demyx turned to pout at him manfully. (Manly pouting. It could happen.)

“I do not!”

“Really?” Roxas asked, standing up. “I wanna taste.” He reached up to grab Demyx’s face in his hands, but the taller blonde pulled away, thumping loudly into the wall behind him.

Axel grinned and picked Roxas up easily so the two blondes were at the same height. “There you go, Roxy.” Roxas whooped excitedly and lunged forward to kiss Demyx, swiping his tongue across Demyx’s lips.

Demyx just squirmed and pouted as Roxas kissed him. He most certainly did NOT kiss back. At all.

(Okay, maybe a little bit).

“You know,” a dry voice said from the door. “You can tell me if you’re in a threesome. It’s okay.”

And Demyx looked past Roxas and Axel to see Zexion standing there, eyebrow raised and books in hand.

Axel, setting Roxas down carefully amidst the blonde’s exclamations of how Demyx really DID taste like milkshakes, smirked at Zexion. “We totally are.”

“NO WE’RE NOT!” Demyx squeaked, face turning red. “Not! In! A! Threesome!”

“He’s just shy,” Axel stage-whispered, grinning wickedly. “We are.”


It's from something we're co-writing. Where about half to three-quarters of the dialogue are things we have actually said. (I was Axel at the beginning of this and it spiraled from there.) ((Also, the title is The Epic Length Story of How Demyx Won Zexion (and incidentally got everyone else together along the way), in case you were curious.))

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Title: Dancing
Fandom: Digimon
Pairing: Jyoushirou
Prompt: Dancing
Medium: fic
Rating: Pg-13, because of guys dancing?
Warnings: Fluff, I suppose. This is really quite silly, actually...

* * * * *

You've been staring at me for at least thirty minutes now. )

FOR PIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM ON A ROLL. (not quite the same as a boat, but still)
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So, I know that I've been down for a bit, kinda have dropped out of the face of the earth, but I'm still alive, I promise!

For the sake of the F-lists (under here be fic progress reports and life details, just as a btw) )
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So, tomorrow, I have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn (5 o'clock) and head out to the airport with [livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan and my parents, so I can get back to college.

I'm sorta excited, but it still doesn't seem real that I'm leaving again. I know it will when I get to the airport, but until then.... *sigh*

Not really sure what I'm feeling about this next year. I'm sure it'll be fine, and I do have the apartment to get used to, and I get to see Tyna again, and all this other stuff. And yet, it doesn't seem real.

(And I actually found out yesterday that APPARENTLY I shipped up my flashdrive to South Dakota on Monday, so still no progress on the fics. I am SUCH a derp-face at times.)

For the next few days, at least, I won't be posting anything, because I'm going to be settling into the apartment, and getting everything set up and all that jazz. (Huzzah, school, classes, those things I read porn at...)

Just keep cool, everyone. And comment with any random observations you might have about ANYTHING. I need something to look at later. ^^
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[livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan made a KH AMV last night, and it was just uploaded, and everyone should totally go check it out right now. >.>

Roxas's Mad World
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Alright, so [livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan and I made COSPLAY PROPS today!! They're awesome, and you can see pictures of them over on her journal here




i don't know


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