Hey everyone! Back from San Japan. Super tired. At work. God, I just want to be back in bed. \


San Japan broke down like this:

Friday - Woke up (AGAIN AT 4:30, UGH), picked up stuff, drove up to Katy to pick up Pixie's and my friend, Jessica. Drove to San Antonio. That took us until 10, and we checked in/unpacked/got ready by 11 in time for lunch. Pixie spent that day as N Harmonia from Pokemon, got a ton of pictures taken of her, and Jessica was a Red Fem!Scout from Team Fortress 2. Around 2, Pixie went and changed into Organization Roxas for a few hours, but that coat is hot as hell, even in the air conditioning, so she was only Roxas for a couple of hours before switching back into N. We met up with a couple of friends and hung out before heading back up to the room for the rave.

Where I fell asleep. So I couldn't go to the rave. *sadfaces* Jessica and Pixie were pulled onto the stage apparently.

SATURDAY - Since Pixie and Jessica didn't get back into the rooms until 3 in the morning, it took us until 11 to even get started. We got lunch out of cosplay, and immediately went to put Jessica and Pixie into Zim and Dib cosplay from Invader Zim. Oh man. This one was popular. We were maybe out in it for four hours, and everyone was stopping them for pictures. And Jessica as Zim is hilarious.


One person asked them if Pixie and Jessica could hug for her picture. They did and almost immediately another girl was like "NOW KISS". Since Pixie and Jessica are ZADR shippers, they kissed and there was this HUGE squeal around us. They got practically tackled by one girl who was just walking by when they did this. It was ... actually pretty awesome.

But Zim's makeup is really uncomfortable, so we went back up to the room so Pixie and Jessica could change BACK into N and Fem!Scout. Spent the rest of the day in that. GOT TO SEE EGORAPTOR'S PANEL!!

Tried to rave that night, but Pixie had pulled something in her leg, and the DJ wasn't good enough for me to stick around, so I went back up to the room with Pixie and we just hung out until we fell asleep.

SUNDAY - Woke up at 9:30, decided almost immediately that there was going to be NO cosplaying that day, because everything hurt. Seriously, all three of us were sore. No more raving in heels. Bad, bad idea. Walked the floor and bought some gifts for friends before we headed home.

Alright, second story time.

I have this... thing. Any roadtrip I drive on where I'm not following someone else who knows where they're going, I end up taking at least one wrong exit. Normally, I notice before I get too far. BUT APPARENTLY on Sunday, I decided that WEST was the way to go, not EAST. So I exited on 410-WEST. That was the right way, right?


So I uh, basically circled San Antonio for forty minutes before hitting I-10 and going "... EL PASO IS THE WRONG DIRECTION, GET ON EAST, SHIT, I AM AN IDIOT".

That is the "How Zene picked the wrong exit to take this roadtrip" story for this convention.

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Not dead, just busy, I swear.

ONE MORE WEEK OF WORK. It turns out that I miscalculated last week. I leave work next Thursday. (Hopefully, I won't have another fiasco with that whole "accidentally leaving the porn flash drive at work" thing like I did last year.) SAN JAPAN THIS WEEKEND, SUPER EXCITE!! I might get to see [livejournal.com profile] pandapplesaurus there, too! *waves* I'll be the person dressed normally with a Red Scout and N Harmonia on Friday and with Dib and Zim on Saturday. (N will be back on Sunday, but I'm not cosplaying this con. Too little time, too much to do)

Um. I'd love to say that I've been writing, but that would be a bare-faced lie. I haven't written a word of anything outside of fleshing out some ideas since last ... Thursday. What in the world have I been doing in the meantime (as I *cough*erroneously*cough* assume you're wondering)?


Like, reading a lot of fic for fandoms that I've just let stew for a while. Especially you, Inception fandom, hello there THard and JGL and all of the sexy that comes along with you. *cough* That aside... There's one thing that I've been noticing a lot of. In fics, in general, not just Inception fics, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about talking about it.




As in, getting off on recieving pain, etc etc, you all read fics, you know what I'm talking about.

I don't... I don't like how it's portrayed in fics, because for me it's not an accurate description. (It's like reading the parts in blowjob fics where the author mentions teeth-on-cock during the blowjob, and I have heard from multiple guys, straight, gay, bi, that that does not, in any way, feel good.) Because I am a masochist. Things that should register as pain for other people turn me on. Whipping and what-have-you. *handwaves*

That's not the important part.

The important part is the fact that in all these fics, I keep hearing about the pain aspect of it, or the fic is told from the pain-giver's PoV. (and I can bet that anyone reading this is going to be like "...but Zene, it's MASOCHISM, hello PAIN" but see, that's where you're wrong.)

For me, I don't feel pain. Like, I CAN feel it. Certain things, like hot glue or cuts, do register as pain normally. I stub my toe and that shit is PAINFUL. But on the flip side, I can also (this is a true story) get my lanyard caught on my desk and it will drag across the back of my neck, giving me a small case of ropeburn on my neck and causing me to have to sit at my desk for a few minutes while I try to get my breathing back under control and my eyes are having trouble focusing because that felt so good.

But the point is that, while getting the ropeburn was a painful thing, I never actually FELT any of it. I didn't actively feel pain, I just registered it as "rough texture, feels good" and it was hard enough that it felt REALLY good.

So really, my point is that I don't know if any of the people writing the fics are actually masochists, because I'm not always sure that they know how it really feels. Because, let me tell you, pain does NOT come into it. IF there's a bit of a bite to it, it doesn't feel any different than someone dragging their nails across your skin. A tiny little counterpoint that really just gives a more definite LOCATION for where the pleasure is.


I am totally writing a Seifer/Hayner fic where Hayner's a masochist. It's mostly going to be me exploring how best to explain my own masochism (because, hey, everyone's different, maybe other people DO feel pain? Maybe I just have a really high threshold? I don't know) in terms of fic. Also because Seifer/Hayner is my go-to pairing when kinky shit is about to go down, because I can't get a plotbunny for them to save my life, but DAMN do those boys want to get into bed with each other.


TL;DR, I'm writing a porny fic with Seifer/Hayner because I am dissatified with general fandom portrayal of masochism.
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There are two new cosplay pictures up on there, and I am too lazy to put them up on here! (Huzzah for laziness)

One is me as Matt from Death Note with [livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan as Mello, and the other is my favorite picture that I've seen so far of me as Twilight Town Demyx!

(just as a btw, because it needs to be said: ALL CREDIT FOR THE GUITAR GOES TO [livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan!!!! She came up with the idea and painted the vast majority of it. I did the blue part of the neck of the guitar and some of the second coats (when I was allowed near a paintbrush! XD))
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This will be updated as I go, because I'll be finding more and more pictures of mine as I go, but here are some!

Twilight Town Demyx:

(yes, that is a real guitar that [livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan and I painted (she did most of the work). I can string it and play on it, and I'm totally learning a few songs just so I can do that! And please ignore me and my dark hair that is showing. It's almost impossible for me to get all of it hidden.)


Bakura Ryou:

(If the picture doesn't show up, tell me! I can't see any of them on this computer anyway...)<input ... ><input ... >
<input ... ></input><input ... >
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Back from San Japan.

It was awesome. Hung out with [livejournal.com profile] prettypixiechan and her girlfriend, and all of these other cool people that Mitsu knows, and it was an awesome weekend.

Cosplayed as Bakura from YuGiOh for most of Friday, Daisuke (Davis) from Digimon for all of an hour before my costume started breaking (freaking leader goggles...), as Twilight Town Demyx for Saturday (it was awesome, and people actually recognized who I was. It was really awesome/strange/awesome), and as Matt for an hour on Sunday (today) before we had to leave.

Oh, and I actually danced. I don't do that often. It was fun

And I got spanked. Frequently. I am looking at you, Slut-hime.

All in all, a very good weekend.

Time for sleep. Fic writing at work tomorrow....
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Well, it's true, I am.

So, besides that, I just wanted to say... that I'm going to San Japan in July, if anyone's interested? In meeting? I dunno. I kinda just want to ramble about my cosplays for a tiny bit.

Cosplaaaaaaaaays for San Japan 3! )

Oh, and it's just gonna be a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to it so much. (and if you'd like to see the cosplays as they are right now, check out my DevArt page here or Pixie's DevArt page here, click on Gallery, and then there should be Cosplay section on both of ours!


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