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 Ahh, the Guster concert was amazing! I'm a little sad they didn't play some of my favorite songs, but that just means I have to find out when they're coming to play again ^^

ANYWAY. Time for me to talk about what I like to talk about best:

It's time for me to talk about writing! )
I'm excited to work on all of it, honestly, so we'll see how much attention I can manage to put into it daily.

whomp whomp

May. 7th, 2017 06:33 pm
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 Years just keep slipping by me! Who even knows how that happens, honestly, but they do.

Basically, a year and a half after that huge change, everything really settled out okay. My job got fucked in the ass, but there's not honestly much I can do about it now aside from drag myself out of this hole and keep going. I want to try being more regular on here again (partially because it's all the little netbook I'm using can handle honestly), so we'll see how that goes. Read: We'll see if I remember.

but YEAH things are going! I'm writing more and more, and the writing only gets better imo. I finally have something for that whole original story deal that I like instead of just tolerate, and it's turning into something pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. Even if it's hard, because I don't... uh. I don't really know how to write for plot well. But that's something that gets better with practice. So! Practice I must.

Anyway, I'll be hanging around again. Hope to talk to more people, get sort of in the swing of things around here again too. We'll see ^^ Hope everyone's having a good day so far.


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