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 First off, how is it already June??

That means I've been unemployed for almost a year, which is frustrating beyond all measure, because it's not like I haven't been trying! But hey, good things come in time, and we've managed to make ends meet so far, so let's just. Keep hoping I guess. Fingers crossed that the job I'm currently interviewing for really wants me bad, because man oh man, will I hop on that like none other.

Anyway, onto more important stuff. Or maybe not more important, but rather the things I actually want to talk about. Fics!

Time for all that writing jazz )

UH OKAY so I think that's all for the monthly state of the union. Good thoughts and vibes RE: that whole job situation would be appreciated, and I hope everyone's doing well! ♥ ♥
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 Does anyone else do the post-and-run after they post a fic? Like, you post a chapter and then have to immediately distract yourself from obsessively checking for new comments / kudos / what have you?

Because that's me right now.

I posted up the next chapter of Shimmer in Your Shine, a Leopika roadtrip fanfic, so that's off the to-do list for now. I still have to come up with some more concrete directions the fic needs to head towards, so a bit of a break is gonna be nice.

ANYWAY, back to watching a Persona 4 Let's Play. ^^;;


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