Dec. 4th, 2015

zenelly: (Digimon - C'mere you)
 It feels a bit strange that I'm essentially trying to set up my own personal capital before I even have anything in place.

Like, I'm trying to avoid mentions of my real name attached to any of my social media sites because when (not if, damn it, I can be optimistic) I end up doing that whole Author Thing and Get Published, I really, acutely want my fandom stuff to stay separate. I don't want people to know that Zenelly is the author of so and so book/series/whatever. I want that to be me, and I want Zenelly to just stay a fan, because I want to keep the safe space I have there. 

I'm not planning on denying my involvement with fanfiction. Not in the slightest. I still view it as a terribly useful tool for practicing, and that's what I'm going to keep saying about it, but I'm not... I just don't want Zenelly to get thrown under the bus because of that. Maybe once I'm a bit more established or something, I'll feel differently, but for now...

Well, for now, I avoid mentioning my real name, I'm beginning to avoid things that involve my face for reasons other than crippling self-consciousness, and I guess I feel a bit pretentious doing it. Oh well. Better that than anything else.


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